Unique Dining Experience

 Splurge on a delectable meal in an intimate setting and relish a fine dining experience with your loved one. A private dinner for two is meticulously curated to recreate a quixotic memory of love and togetherness. This secluded experience is aimed at carving an eventful celebration of inseparability.

Gala Dinner

Amidst an array of a small group to a massive gathering, our sprawling venues are equipped to host you for a sumptuous gala dinner. Let this royal land unfold the glorious experiences of fine dining and solid gathering. The entire experience peeks of lush greenery amidst magnificent gardens. Book your special days and delve into a feast of delectable delights.

In House Dining

Unique flavors from the past have been preserved and recreated to perfection at our in house dining restaurants. These kitchens are home to a culinary delight which are presented to you for a succulent palate. Soak in these aromas, binge on these savours and indulge in a gastronomically extravagant experience.