Sprinkle a hint of splendour to your stay and relish in a comfortable experience that transcends you to a royal era gone by. The traditional décor amalgamated with the warmth of our hospitality makes Diggi Palace a serene haven offering opulence in its appeal and rejuvenation in its essence.

Courtyard Suite

 Indulge in a serene setting as you soak in the sumptuousness of our Courtyard Suites illuminated with contemporary décor. These courtyard suites are luxuriously equipped with a personal terrace and furnished minibar to ensure you relax in the lap of sheer opulence.

INR 21000

Exclusive of taxes


Palace Suite

Wallow in the warmth of indulgence and find moments of respite. Our Palace Suites are gorgeous havens befitting with your choice of opulent amenities including a splendidly furnished minibar. These palace suites are affluently architected and equipped with our keen hospitality.

INR 15500

Exclusive of taxes

Heritage Room

Relax amidst the hues of our deeply rooted culture and relish a journey back to the yesteryears with our cautiously protected and thematically designed heritage rooms offering supreme comfort and diligent hospitality.

INR 11000

Exclusive of taxes